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CFI Canada is entirely supported by private donations from supporters  like you. Your donations are put to use in many ways:

  • They support our events at which thousands of Canadians are  educated about reason and science.
  • They help support our staff as we take on the issues that matter  most to you.
  • They help support our lending library hosting one of the largest  collections of freethought literature in the country.

All of these things would not be possible without your commitment as  a donor.

When you become a Friend of the Centre for Inquiry Canada or a donor, you aren’t just joining a community, you are making a statement. You are making a commitment to critical thinking, scientific literacy, secular humanism, and freedom of thought in Canada and across the world. By getting involved, you are adding your voice to the thousands of others who are ready to make a stand for science and reason.

Recently CFI Canada has worked on these critical initiatives:

  • Fighting against the Ugandan anti-gay legislation
  • Forcing the Catholic school system to allow Gay-Straight  Alliances in Ontario


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